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St JOHn's Stonefold

Throughout 2019-20 academic year, the teachers in Infants and in KS2 and Senior Leadership Team worked collaboratively to develop two curriculum cycles. One cycle for infants and one cycle for KS2. 
Researching ideas and looking at the existing curriculum, the teachers have organised the outcomes and progression of skills over 2 year and 4 year period.
Having a school with mixed age classes meant that we have had to ensure, no matter which class a child enters, they will have every opportunity to cover all of the National Curriculum objectives and experience a new and exciting topic each term at the same time. 
Our teams have worked hard to create a curriculum that builds on prior knowledge, ensures opportunities for breadth and depth of learning, it’s cohesive, exciting and interesting too! 
These cycles are also very much a working document and are regularly reviewed, especially in light of COVID. These are also supported by progression documents to ensure that there is a progression of skills and knowledge from Reception to Year 6 in each curricular area. Children and families’ feedback is also very important to us as we continue to shape and develop our creative curriculum. 
Last year we commenced Cycle A from Spring term 2020. This means that the current infant classes and the previous year 3 pupils will be the first to complete the full cycles over the next few years. 
For our current years 4, 5, and 6  – we regularly map out gaps in learning and align these with upcoming topics to ensure they also have every opportunity to meet the National Curriculum objectives and great learning experience before transitioning to secondary school. 
We are really excited about these topics and hope you are too!

Reception/Key Stage One Curriculum

AFunny BonesOn the MoveOur School
BCapital!What’s it Like in the Amazon?Toy Story
CMasterchef!Let’s ExploreWhat a wonderful World
DIs Climate Cool?Home Sweet Home! Kings and Queens

Key Stage Two (Years 3-6)

AMoving with the TimesTo Infinity and Beyond!This is Your Life
BDisasters and TriumphsFood Glorious FoodBack to the Future
COur Wonderful WorldOn our DoorstepMasterpiece
DCrime and PunishmentWorld in DangerCitius, Altius, Fortius – Faster, Higher Stronger
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