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Extra Curricular School Clubs

There are a wide range of extra curricular activities available at our school. Please note that these can vary according to staff availability and due to a busy schedule where we try to avoid clubs clashing.

Have a look in more detail at the clubs usually offer!

Art Club

Mrs Jones runs Art Club on Tuesdays, 03:15pm-04:15pm.
This is run on a per term basis with infants one term and juniors the next – ensuring as many children as possible get the chance to be creative!

Usually artists and their techniques are studied, and this is usually tied into our curriculum theme; for example, we have been studying Lowry linked to our Buildings topic. Our art club’s work can be seen in many interesting displays around school. The club gives children a  chance to work with a range of media and to reinforce and build on skills developed in the curriculum.

(We have been using our Space Topic for inspiration and have looked at the work of Kandinsky to inspire some mixed media circle/ planet pictures.We have also enjoyed creating paintings inspired by the American artist Peter Thorpe who specialises in abstract space images).


We are very proud of our school choir!  It is run by Mrs Marriott, a former teacher who organises the choir on a voluntary basis. Each year, we take part in the spectacular ‘Singing Together’ project run by Blackburn Diocese at King George’s Hall, Blackburn.  This is a massive event with nearly 20 schools on stage at once – and the children performing in a real theatre setting with a responsive audience!

Choir takes place after school each Thursday from September up to Easter.  We learn a range of songs and vocal techniques, the importance of timing in music – and, importantly, the value of being part of a working team.  Each week a child is awarded a special ‘Singer of the Week’ trophy for enthusiasm shown at practice.

Football/Athletics Club

As part of our PE provision from Rossendale Leisure Trust, an after-school football club is provided for all children in key stage two.
This extends to athletics once the football season is finished.  

Children require boots, shin-pads and trainers in case this takes place in the playground due to bad weather.

Guitar Club

Mr Oldfield ends the week with his Guitar Club on Fridays after school.  This is open to children in years 5 and 6 one term and years 3 and 4 the next.

We concentrate on learning about musical ‘keys’ and how to play chords in a specific key.  This allows children to gain basic knowledge of a range of chords to be used when playing and even composing their own songs.

Groups are limited to eight – and requirements are a guitar, enthusiasm – and 20 minutes practice a night to really polish up those rock star skills.  Playing an instrument instils a sense of discipline and gives the children motivation to work towards a specific goal; the satisfaction of playing a full song andf having the skills to attempt a range of others.  We also learn about popular music and the structure of songs including the theme, verse, middle eight, chorus and instrumental break.  Many famous artists are used to emphasise the learning points.  Guitar club is fun and challenging!

Lego Club

This exciting practical club is run by Miss Moon and takes place on Tuesdays after school.  It is open to children in years 3 and 4. It is linked to our curriculum – so children have been applying their learning to Lego! Recently we designed rockets and space vehicles – and we have been building Stonefold village as part of our Buildings topic.

Multi Skills

Multi Skills sessions take place every Tuesday morning at 08:00am in the hall and last for 1 hour.
Children can bring a healthy snack and drink for the mid-session break.
The sessions are run by the Rossendale Leisure Trust. Sessions cost £3 a time and are offered to different ages of children.

From Tuesday, 12 January until Tuesday, 9 February children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are able to take part. Please contact the school office for more information.

Netball Club

Netball club takes place after school on Mondays.
Children learn the skills of pivoting, bounce and chest pass and the tactics of invasion that can be applied to many team games.  We also compete against other schools.

The club is open to all children in years 4, 5 and 6. Practises take place in the school yard each Monday after school until 04:15pm – in the case of bad weather then Practises will be held in the School Hall.

Netball is an energetic sport requiring good positional sense and teamwork, developing both social and physical skills in children.  It is an excellent sport for building confidence.

Percussion Club

Miss Thomason uses her skills as a musician to run this creative club on Friday lunchtimes.  It is a great way of developing not only musical skills – but effective teamwork, as the children work with a range of percussion instruments to accompany melodies played on pitched instruments.

The percussion club helps children to develop a stronger understanding of the timing and structure of music, and is great for developing confidence in both individual and group performance.  We have a wide range of instruments in school, and each child is taught the basics of the treble clef using a glockenspiel, in order to provide accompanying melodies.  Good understanding of tempo, dynamics, texture and timbre are built up – helping to develop a love of music in the future.


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